KidsZone + WetZone - Starting Packages

Rs. 5000.00

Funtidults Zone, step into a realm of grown-up amusement, where thrilling experiences and sophisticated entertainment await. From exhilarating adventures to delightful diversions,this zone promises endless enjoyment for the young at heart. Unleash your inner fun-seeker and make unforgettable memories in the Funtidults Zone.


Snail FreeWheel & Water Activites
Fun Hoop & Handle Boats
Crab Freewheel & Dolphin Fun
Frog and Ball, Peddle Boats
Merry-Go-Round & Dolphin Perambulation Carousel
Dragon Car & Mermaid Carousel
Dancing Flower
Basket Ball
Snail Ride
Bike Ride
Happy Deer
Dragon Rides
Jumping Horse
Animal Rides
Horse Ride
Laaza Train
Happy Crane
Single Horse Ride
Funny Chairs